Registration [9.00-9.30 AM]

Welcome and tea/coffee

Introduction [9.30-9.45 AM]

Nirmala Rao, Pro-Director (Learning and Teaching), SOAS

I. Groundwater Law and Climate Change Law [9.45-10.50 AM]

Chair: Shaminder Puri

1. Groundwater law and climate change law: international and India context

Philippe Cullet, SOAS

[powerpoint presentation]

2. Climate change and the obsolescence of most groundwater legal regimes

Joseph Dellapenna, Villanova University

[powerpoint presentation]

Tea/coffee 10.50-11.00 AM

II. Climate Change and Implications for Groundwater: Science, Policy and Law [11.00-12.45 PM]

Chair: Tony Allan

1. Groundwater and climate change: opportunities and challenges for water science and adaptation policy

Richard Taylor, University College London

[powerpoint presentation]

2. International climate change regime and groundwater


[powerpoint presentation]

3. Groundwater governance and development

Jenny Gronwall, SIWI

[powerpoint presentation]

Lunch 12.45-2.00 PM

III. Case Studies – North Sahara and Israel [2.00–3.05 PM]

Chair: Joseph Dellapenna

1. Northwestern Sahara Aquifer System (SASS)

Kerstin Mechlem, University of Ulster

[powerpoint presentation]

2. Getting groundwater water back into the environment is a very political process: farmers have been key agents in achieving groundwater stewardship in Israel

Tony Allan, King’s College London & SOAS

[powerpoint presentation]

Tea/coffee 3.05-3.20 PM

IV. Transboundary Aquifer Regulation in Climate Change Context: International Law Perspective [3.20-5.30 PM]

Chair: Kerstin Mechlem

1. International water law and transboundary aquifers

Stefano Burchi, International Association for Water Law

[powerpoint presentation]

2. Aquifer agreements: The case of the Guarani Aquifer

Gabriel Eckstein, Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

3. International environmental law and transboundary aquifers

Owen McIntyre, University College Cork

4. The UNECE Contribution to groundwater regulation and conservation

Annukka Lipponen, UNECE

[powerpoint presentation]

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