Anna F.S. Russell, B.Sc.(Hons)(Queen's, Canada ), LL.B.( Ottawa , Canada ), is a doctoral candidate in law at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford . With a degree in geological (environmental) engineering, she has worked on environmental and water projects in Bolivia , Peru , Germany , the United States and Canada . After completing her law degree, and being called to the Bar of Ontario, Canada (Barrister and Solicitor), she worked with the Canadian Bar Association's International Development Program and the Legal Resources Centre, in South Africa, on environmental justice and water law projects. She has also undertaken research for the Canadian International Development Agency on international approaches to water and development. Her current doctoral thesis is entitled ĎA Socio-Legal Investigation of Human Rights Standard Setting at the International Level: A Case Study of the Right to Water'. In part, it examines how international organizations, transnational corporations and international non-governmental organizations are interpreting the right to water through a combined qualitative methodology of documentation review and interviews.