Conference on Access to Justice

Stanford University (USA), 2 May 1998.

This one-day Conference focused on the ways in which access to environmental justice has been recognized and implemented at both the international and domestic levels. It included a Keynote speech by:

  • Charles Siegal
    Munger, Toles & Olson

And the four following panels:

1) Conceptual Bases of a Human Right to Environment

2) Enforcement by International Adjudicative Bodies

3) Enforcement at the Domestic Level: The US Experience

4) Strengthening Existing Legal and Institutional Mechanisms

Speakers included

  • Michael Anderson
    British Institute of International and Comparative Law

  • Professor John Barton
    Stanford Law School

  • Meg Caldwell
    Stanford Law School

  • Luke Cole
    California Rural Legal Assistance

  • Marsha Freeman
    International Women's Rights Action Watch

  • Professor Thomas Heller
    Stanford Law School

  • Michelle Leighton
    Natural Heritage Institute

  • Professor Armin Rosencranz
    Stanford University

  • Professor Naomi Roht-Arriaza
    UC Hastings College of Law

  • Victoria Sanford
    Stanford University

  • Professor Dinah Shelton
    Notre Dame Law School

  • Lyuba Zarsky
    Nautilus Institute for Security Institutions