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Cambridge University Press




Land Use Law for Sustainable Development

This book surveys the global experience to date in implementing land use policies that move us further along the sustainable development continuum. The international community has long recognized the need to ensure that ongoing and future development is conducted sustainably. While high-level commitments toward sustainable development such as those included in the Rio and Johannesburg Declarations are politically important, they are irrelevant if they are not translated into reality on the ground. This book includes chapters that discuss the challenges of implementing sustainable land use policies in different regions of the world, revealing problems that are common to all jurisdictions and highlighting others that are unique to particular regions. It also includes chapters documenting new approaches to sustainable land use, such as reforms to property rights regimes and environmental laws. Other chapters offer comparisons of approaches in different jurisdictions that can present insights that might not be apparent from a single-jurisdiction analysis.

Author: N. Chalifour, P. Kameri-Mbote, L.H. Lye, J.R. Nolon (editors)
Publication Date: 2007
Binding: hardback
ISBN: 978-0-521-86216-5