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Sanitation Law and Policy in India An Introduction to Basic Instruments

The past couple of decades have witnessed an increased interest in sanitation in India. In contrast to the policy perspectives on sanitation, however, there is a lack of awareness about its legal dimensions. This book contributes to fill this gap by piecing together the provisions of the existing legal and policy instruments that address the different dimensions of sanitation in India. In the process, it highlights the importance, complexity and fragmented nature of these legal and policy frameworks.

This volume:

  • is the most comprehensive work on sanitation law in India;

  • Provides an overview of the existing legal as well as policy instruments related to sanitation in India;

  • Fills the existing gap, both in knowledge and policy instruments, defining sanitation in India;

  • Highlights the importance, complexity, and fragmented nature of the legal and policy frameworks that inform the sanitation sector;

  • Lays special emphasis on the legal dimensions of sanitation in India.

Editors: Philippe Cullet & Lovleen Bhullar (eds)
Publication Date: 2015
Binding: hardback


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