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IELRC present two new books by its researchers


IELRC inaugurate it's new headquarters, in the International Environment House in Geneva


IELRC's India home page now available in Hindi, with added content & insights


20 years after the Bhopal gas disaster, IELRC present a "special dossier" on the legal aspects of the tragedy and organise a seminar at SOAS


IELRC provide legal expertise to the European Patent Office, NISTAD, FICCI and Amnesty International


... and plenty of new publications

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The next newsletter will be published in the very beginning of April, and will feature a special dossier on wildlife in Africa, as well as our thoughts on the privatisation of water.

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  New books now in store

Law, Poverty and Legal Aid: Access to Criminal Justice
by S. Muralidhar has just been published. This book focuses on the importance of the right of access to justice for those interacting with the criminal justice system as complainants, suspects, status offenders or prisoners.

The law, processes, procedures and practices that govern the functioning of the system are largely incomprehensible to the layperson and, therefore, legal assistance becomes imperative at each state.

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Key Materials in International environmental Law
by P. Cullet and A. Gowlland-Gualtieri has just been released.
The book highlights the recent developments in the field of international environmental law

and their wide-ranging repercussions on national and international policies.

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  IELRC Headquarters on the move

IELRC moved to the recently inaugurated International Environment House, the hub of environement related organisations in Geneva.

Our new contact details can be found at the bottom of this newsletter, or on our website / contact page, where access maps can also be found.

  India Office leading the way


The India section of IELRC's web site has been growing fast, reflecting of the level of activity there. The home page is now available in Hindi, and provides links to the growing number of publication available in Hindi.
The strong regional focus on some of

our research is also more easily accessible, as are the newly created "Indian Special Dossiers" on Narmada, Best Bakery and Bhopal (see below).

> India Office home page

  Bhopal: 20 years after

IELRC co-organised a seminar at the School of Oriental and African Studies on the legal aspects of the Bhopal tragedy. This event featured the presentation of a film by Rumah Rasaque, Bhopal: Survivors’ Story.

The main speakers were: Vijay Kumar Nagaraj, Dr Usha Ramanathan (IELRC-New Delhi) and Tim Edwards.

> special dossier Bhopal
> about the conference

  IELRC's expertise in demand


IERLC made a keynote presentation at the recent Panel Discussion on the IPRC Report organised by the European Patent Office for its annual member states meeting. The presentation, entitled

Integrating IPRs and Development Policy, has been well received by the participants and served as a guidline for the discussions.

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NISTADS, Seminar No 242, 24: Emerging Intellectual Property Regimes: Implications for Access to Plant Genetic Resources




FICCI, International Conference on Agricultural Biotechnology Ushering in the Second Green Revolution

Access and benefit-sharing (August 2004)



Amnesty International, Business and Human Rights, Expert consultation (October 2004)


  758th Wilton Park conference on
Environment, Development & Sustainable Peace: Finding Paths to Environmental Peace Making
IELRC made a presentation entitled Stakeholder Discourse in the Nile Basin
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  New Publications

P. Cullet, Responsabilité et biotechnologie
(en francais)

IELRC Working Paper 2004-3

Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights: Need for a new Perspective

IELRC Working Paper 2004-4, available exclusively on our website


Published in Economic & Political weekly, Farmer Liability and GM Contamination: The Schmeiser Judgment has been one of the very first review of the

controversial jugment opposing Monsanto and Schmeiser.

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A Review of the Kenya National Legal System is the lastest addition to IELRC's long commitment in the debate of liabiity and redress under

the Caratagen Protocol on Biosafety.

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The coverage of the gender issues in the Draft Bill of the Constitution of Kenya 2002, as published recently in

the University of Nairobi Law Journal

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