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Traditional knowledge


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Water Workshop, Geneva, 20-21 April 2007


A workshop on Legal Aspects of Water Sector Reforms was organised on 20-21 April in Geneva in the context of the Indo-Swiss water law partnership 2006-2009. This workshop provided an opportunity to bring speakers from around the world

to discuss water law reforms from an international and comparative perspective. Papers from this workshop will be made available on IELRC's website once they have been revised by their authors. Read more



Traditional knowledge


Dr Philippe Cullet & Dr Patricia Kameri-Mbote were commissioned by the Ministry of Lands, Forestry and Mines, Government of Ghana to draft a Policy on Traditional Knowledge. The final

Draft National Policy on Traditional Knowledge Related to Plant Genetic Resource was submitted to the Ghanian Government in early 2007.

  New Publications



Philippe Cullet, ‘Water Law Reforms – Analysis of Recent Developments',

48/2 Journal of the Indian Law Institute (2006), p. 206-231.

P. Cullet, ‘Agricultural Genetic Engineering, International Law and Development', 46/3 Indian Journal of International Law 388 (2006).

Working Papers  

Philippe Cullet, Water Law in India – overview of Existing Framework and

Proposed Reforms (IELRC Working Paper 2007-01).

Alix Gowlland, Water Law and Policy Reforms in South Africa: Implications

for the Realisation of the Right to Water (IELRC Working Paper 2007-03).

Sujith Koonan , Legal Implications of Plachimada: A Case Study (IELRC

Working Paper 2007-05).

Roopa Madhav, Irrigation Reforms in Andhra Pradesh: Whither the

trajectory of legal changes? (IELRC Working Paper 2007-04).

Andrés Olleta, The World Bank's Influence on Water Privatisation in Argentina: The experience of the city

of Buenos Aires (IELRC Working Paper 2007-02, available at).

Meena Panickar, State Responsibility in the Drinking Water Sector: An

Overview of the Indian Scenario (IELRC Working Paper 2007-06).

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