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Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD-Journal)


IELRC's statement at the UN Human Rights Council, September 2007


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Water Project


The website has been updated. Three new pages with information on India have been added. The first includes judgments of the Indian Supreme Court dealing with issues of water law. A short summary is also provided for each of the judgments. It can be accessed here.

The second page contains a list of all the ongoing water related projects of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank in India along with the conditionalities for legal reform

they seek to impose. Links to the relevant Project Appraisal Documents (in case of the World Bank Projects) and the Report and Recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors (in case of the Asian Development Bank) are also included. It can be accessed here .

The third page contains a bibliography prepared by IELRC researchers listing books available on Water, Water Law and Water Reforms in India. It can be accessed here.



Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD-Journal)


A special issue based on the results of the workshops organised by IELRC on water law in Delhi in December 2006 and in Geneva in April 2007 (Volume 3/2) of LEAD journal has just been published. Please follow this link for the full table of contents.

Articles are now invited for the next issue of LEAD journal. The deadline for submissions for the forthcoming issue is 31 March. Information concerning article submissions can be found at . Please send your contributions to .



IELRC's statement at the UN Human Rights Council, September 2007.


IELRC submitted a statement on the human right to water, to the UN Human Rights Council at its Sixth Session in September 2007 . This statement reaffirmed that the right to water is a self-standing right, as evidenced by adoption of General Comment No. 15 and by many international law sources cited in the

exhaustive review conducted by the OHCHR in its background report for the May 2007 Consultation. IELRC proposed that the Council issue strong and explicit guidelines to protect and promote that right for all citizens, and ensure its full implementation by all states. The statement is available on this link .



New Publications

  P. Cullet (ed), The Sardar Sarovar Dam Project: Selected Documents (Aldershot : Ashgate, 2007).

Review by Professor Upendra Baxi, University of Warwick

Lethal forms of developmentalism which cause as well as silence the voices of human suffering need careful archival as a resource for the renewal of human rights futures. This painstaking documentation speaks to us about the production of human

rightlessness in the name of development and in so doing contributes to solidarity struggles against it. It should remain a compulsory reading both for the votaries and critics of development paradigms.

P. Cullet, ‘The Sardar Sarovar Dam Project: An Overview', in P. Cullet ed ., Sardar Sarovar Dam Project: Selected Documents (Aldershot : Ashgate, 2007), p.1-40.


IELRC is happy to welcome Atreyee Majumder who joined IELRC in November.

Atreyee Majumder, a Research Associate, is graduate of the National Law School of India University,

Bangalore . She has experience in litigation in the Delhi courts, and has been an environmental law researcher. Her areas of interest are environment regulatory regimes, particularly those governing large-scale industrial projects.

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