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Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD-Journal)


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Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD-Journal)


Publication of the second issue of 2009. Please follow this link for the full table of contents.

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New Publications



P. Cullet, Water Law, Poverty and Development – Water Law Reforms in India ( Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2009).

P. Cullet, A. Gowlland-Gualtieri, R. Madhav & U. Ramanathan eds, Water Law for the Twenty-first Century: National and International Aspects of Water Law Reforms in India (Abingdon: Routledge, 2009).

Table of contents

Chapter 2. Andrés Olleta, An Overview of Common Trends in the Water Legislation of Selected Jurisdictions, p.11

Chapter 3. Irina Zodrow, International Aspects of Water Law Reforms, p.36

Chapter 4. Alix Gowlland-Gualtieri, Legal Implications of Trade in ‘Real' and ‘Virtual' Water Resources, p.59

Chapter 5. Andrés Olleta, The Role of the World Bank in Water Law Reforms, p.81

Chapter 6. Roopa Madhav, Context for Water Sector and Water Law Reforms in India , p.109

Chapter 7. Priya Sangameswaran & Roopa Madhav, Institutional Reforms for Water, p. 138

Chapter 8. Philippe Cullet, Drinking Water Reforms, p.160

Chapter 9. Sujith Koonan, Legal Regime Governing Groundwater, p.182

Chapter 10. Roopa Madhav, Law and Policy Reforms for Irrigation, p.205

Chapter 11. Alix Gowlland Gualtieri, International Human Rights Aspects of Water Law Reforms, p. 237

Chapter 12. David Takacs, Water Sector Reforms and Principles of International Environmental Law, p. 260

Chapter 13. Sujith Koonan & Adil Hasan Khan, Water, Health and Water Quality Regulation, p.287

Other Publications  

Philippe Cullet and Roopa Madhav, ‘Water Law Reforms in India : Trends and Prospects', in Ramaswamy R. Iyer ed., Water and the Laws in India (New Delhi : Sage, 2009), p. 511.


Philippe Cullet, ‘New Policy Framework for Rural Drinking Water Supply: Swajaldhara Guidelines' 44/50 Economic & Political Weekly (12 December 2009), p. 47.

Patricia Kameri-Mbote and Collins Odote, ‘Courts as Champions of Sustainable Development: Lessons from East Africa' 10/1 Sustainable Development Law & Policy 30-8, 83-4 (2009).  

Philippe Cullet, Groundwater Regulation – Need For Further Reforms (IELRC Working Paper 2010-01).



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