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Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD-Journal)


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Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD-Journal)


Publication of the second issue of 2010. Please follow this link for the full table of contents.

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New Publications



•  P. Cullet, A. Gowlland-Gualtieri, R. Madhav & U. Ramanathan eds, Water Governance in Motion: Towards Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Water Laws (New Delhi: Cambridge University Press, 2010).

Table of contents

Introduction, Philippe Cullet, p.1

Part 1: Water Law, Policy and Institutional Reforms in India

1. Ramaswamy R. Iyer, Water and Questions of Law: An overview, p.11

2. Philippe Cullet, Water Law - Evolving Regulatory Framework, p.26

3. Priya Sangameswaran, Discourses in Water and Water Reform in Western India, p.53

4. Karen Coelho, The Slow Road to the Private - A Case Study of Neo-Liberal Water Reforms in Chennai, p.80

Part 2: Ongoing irrigation and groundwater reforms in India

5. Videh Upadhyay, Canal Irrigation, Water User Associations and Law in India - Emerging Trends in Rights based Perspective, p.111

6. A. Gurunathan and C.R. Shanmugham, Customary Rights And Their Relevance In Modern Tank Management: Select Cases In Tamil Nadu, p.129

7. Sujith Koonan, Groundwater - Legal Aspects of the Plachimada Dispute, p.159

Part 3: Perspectives on privatisation

8. Roopa Madhav, Tirupur Water Supply and Sanitation Project - A Revolution in Water Resource Management?, p. 201

9. Andrés Olleta, The World Bank's Influence on Water Privatisation in Argentina: The Experience of the City of Buenos Aires, p.230

10. Francesco Costamagna and Francesco Sindico, Linkages between Access to Water and Water Scarcity with International Investment Law and the WTO Regime, p.269

11. Mattia Celio, More Drops for Hyderabad City , Less Crops For Farmers: Water Institutions and Reallocation in Andhra Pradesh, p.299

Part 4: Environment and Human Rights

12. Stefano Burchi, Balancing Development And Environmental Conservation And Protection of the Water Resource Base - The 'Greening' of Water Laws, p.333

13. Jonathan Verschuuren, The Right to Water as a Human Right or a Bird's Right - Does Co-operative Governance Offer a Way Out of a Conflict of Interests and Legal Complexity?, p.359

14. Alix Gowlland-gualtieri , South Africa 's Water Law and Policy Framework: Implications for the Right to Water, p. 388

15. Inga T. Winkler, Respect, Protect, Fulfil: The Implementation of the Human Right to Water in South Africa, p. 415

Part 5: Comparative Perspectives on Reforms

16. Poh-Ling Tan, Learning from Water Law Reform in Australia, p. 447

17. Radha D'souza, Law and 'development' discourses about water: Understanding agency in regime changes, p. 477

18. Upendra Baxi, Marginal Remarks Concerning Water Policy Regimes; Governance, Rights, Justice, and Development - An Epilogue, p. 510


Other Publications  
Philippe Cullet, The Kyoto Protocol And Vulnerability: Human Rights And Equity Dimensions' in Stephen Humphreys ed., Human Rights and Climate Change (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010), p. 183.  

Usha Ramanathan, 'Implications of Registering, Tracking, Profiling', The Hindu, 5 April 2010.


Usha Ramanathan, 'The Personal is the Personal', The Indian Express, 6 January 2010.


Usha Ramanathan, 'A State of Surveillance' (IELRC Working Paper).


Report co-authored by Usha Ramanathan for the Ministry of Environment and Forests on forest land diversion in Orissa related to proposed mining by Vedanta.



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