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10 December 2006



9 11.15

Discussant: Shomona Khanna

A Case Study of Water Users Associations (WUA) or Pani Panchayat in Orissa: Principle, Procedure, Performance and Prospects

Sushanta Mahapatra, Research Scholar, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai

[powerpoint presentation]

Irrigation Reforms in Andhra Pradesh A Case Study

Roopa Madhav, Research Fellow, International Environmental Law Research Centre, New Delhi

Customary Rights and their Relevance in Modern Tank Management: Select Cases in Tamil Nadu

C.R.Shanmugham, Programme Officer, DHAN Foundation, Madurai .

[powerpoint presentation]

Law and Political Economy of Water User Associations

Arkaja Singh, Researcher, New Delhi

11:30 to 1:00 Discussion



Discussant: Jenny Gronwall

Access to Natural Resource and Environmental Justice: case of Groundwater in India

Nandan Nawn, Lecturer, National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

A Comparative Study of Groundwater Institutions in the Western United States, France and Peninsular India for Sustainable and Equitable Resource Use Some Lessons for India

N. Nagaraj, Professor, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore

[powerpoint presentation]

Legal Implications of Plachimada Case.

Sujith Koonan, Research Associate, International Environmental Law Research Centre, New Delhi

Concluding remarks and Directions for Future Research
















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