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The Slow Road to the Private: A Case Study of Neo-liberal Water Reforms in Chennai

Karen Coelho

Water Law - Evolving Regulatory Framework

Dr. Philippe Cullet

Water Law and Policy Reforms in South Africa : Implications for the Realisation of the Right to Water

Dr. Alix Gowlland-Gualtieri

Water: A Human Rights Perspective

Dr. Satya Prakash Dash

Customary Rights and their Relevance in Modern Tank Management: Select Cases in Tamil Nadu

A.Gurunathan & C.R.Shanmugham

Legal Implications of Plachimada Case

Sujith Koonan

The Right to Water: A Constitutional Perspective

Jayna Kothari

Irrigation Reforms in Andhra Pradesh: Whither the Trajectory of Legal Changes?

Roopa Madhav

A Case Study of Water Users Associations (WUA) or Pani Panchayat in Orissa: Principle, Procedure, Performance and Prospects

Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra

A Comparative Study of Groundwater Institutions in the Western United States, France and Peninsular India for Sustainable and Equitable Resource Use -Some lessons for India

N. Nagaraj

Access to Natural Resource and Environmental Justice: case of Groundwater in India

Nandan Nawn

The World Bank's Influence on Water Privatisation in Argentina: The experience of the city of Buenos Aires

Andrés Olleta

State Responsibility in the Drinking Water Sector: An Overview of the Indian Scenario

Meena S. Panickar

Water Rights: A Case Study of Waterlogged Rural Areas in Allahabad

Dr. Firdaus Fatima Rizvi

'Swa'-jal-dhara or 'Pay'-jal-dhara-Securing the Right to Water in Rural India

Preeti Sampat

Discourses in Water and Water Reform in Western India

Priya Sangameswaran

Pani Panchayats in Orissa: Law and political economy of WUAs

Arkaja Singh

'Depletion of water Resources and Marginalisation of Dalit' (Schedule Caste) in Rural Gujarat

Jayshree Soni

Dams, “development” and International Law

Radha D'Souza

A Rights Based Approach to Water User Associations in India

Videh Upadhyay

Conclusionary Remarks

Upendra Baxi


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