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IELRC organised with the support of the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscapes (SAEFL) two side-events on liability and redress at the first Conference of the Parties/Meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, earlier this year
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Liability and GMOs: Towards a Redress Regime in Biosafety Protocol (published in: 39/7 Economic & Political Weekly (2004), p. 615).

Liability and Redress in the Field of Biotechnology: Towards the Development of Rules at the National and International Levels (IELRC Working Paper 2004-01)


Intellectual property

Intellectual Property Rights and Food Security in the South (published in 7/3 Journal of World Intellectual Property (2004), p. 261)
[This article is not available online. You can access the abstract by visiting our home page and can order a hard copy from IELRC]


Intellectual Property Rights and Biodiversity Management: The Case of India (published in: 4/1 Global Environmental Politics (2004), p. 97)
[This article is not available online. You can access the abstract by visiting our home page and can order a hard copy from IELRC]




Rights of Victims in the Indian Criminal Justice System, National Human Rights Commission Journal (2004)

Illegality and Exclusion – Law in the Lives of Slum Dwellers (IELRC Working Paper 2004-02)


Documents on the Best Bakery Case

In April, the Supreme Court of India published its judgment in Zahira Habibulla H. Seikh versus State of Gujarat (also known as the Best Bakery Case ). The website now includes the main court decisions and orders as well as the briefs prepared for the National Human Rights Commission by S. Muralidhar.
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Our website has also been recently completely revamped. The layout, navigation menu and the underlying structure have all been modified and dramatically improved. Among the novelties, it is now possible to retrieve our publications not only by research areas, but also by publication type (academic, working papers, etc). Further, our regional programmes (India and East Africa) have gained more visibility and content, and thematic pages have been added, for instance in the India section on the Best Bakery Case or on our work concerning the Sardar Sarovar dam.


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