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Right to Water in India Plugging Conceptual and Practical Gaps

लेखक-गण: Philippe Cullet
स्रोत: 17/1 International Journal of Human Rights (2013), p. 56-78.
दिनांक: 2013
सारांश साइज 198 [KB]

Governing the Environment without CoPs - The Case of Water

लेखक-गण: Philippe Cullet
स्रोत: 15 International Community Law Review (2013), p. 123-35.
दिनांक: 2013
सारांश साइज 329 [KB]

Climate Change Adaptation and Water Policy: Lessons from Singapore

लेखक-गण: Lovleen Bhullar
स्रोत: 21/3 Sustainable Development (2013) p. 152-159.
दिनांक: 2013
सारांश साइज 109 [KB]

Proposed Union Water Laws: Need to Rethink the Premises

लेखक-गण: Philippe Cullet
स्रोत: 1/1 The Asian Journal Journal of Transport and Infrastructure (2013), p. 55-63.
दिनांक: 2013
सारांश साइज 125 [KB]

Water law, human health and the human right to water and sanitation

लेखक-गण: Jonathan Chenoweth, Thoko Kaime, Rosalind Malcolm & Steve Pedley
स्रोत: Bruce Lankford, Karen Bakker, Mark Zeitoun and Declan Conway Water Security: Principles, Perspectives and Practices, London: Routledge (2013), p. 317-331.
दिनांक: 2013
सारांश साइज 66 [KB]

A Comparative Analysis of Accountability Mechanisms for Ecosystem Services Markets in the United States and the European Union

लेखक-गण: Robert L. Glicksman & Thoko Kaime
स्रोत: Transnational Environmental Law, 2 (2013), p. 259-283.
दिनांक: 2013
सारांश साइज 133 [KB]

Access to Justice: Evaluating Law, Health and Human Rights Programmes in Kenya

लेखक-गण: Sofia Gruskin, Kelly Safreed-Harmon, Tamar Ezer, Anne Gathumbi, Jonathan Cohen and Patricia Kameri-Mbote
स्रोत: 16(Suppl 2) Journal of the International AIDS Society 1 (2013).
दिनांक: 2013
सारांश साइज 706 [KB]

Climate Change, Law and Indigenous Peoples in Kenya

लेखक-गण: Patricia Kameri-Mbote and Elvin Nyukuri
स्रोत: in Abate Randall S. & Elizabeth Ann Kronk, eds., Climate Change, Indigenous Peoples and the Search for Legal Remedies (London: Edward Elgar, 2013).
दिनांक: 2013
सारांश साइज 149 [KB]
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