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Safeguarding Water Contracts in Indonesia

Mohamad Mova Al'Afghani

Water Runs Dry: Multinational Corporations and the Privatization of Water in African Countries

Migai Akech

The use of General Authorisations to promote water allocation reform in South Africa

Aileen Jennifer Anderson

A Modern Approach to Water Management: The UNECE Protocol on Water and Health

Francesca Bernardini

The Biwater- Tanzania Dispute

Nathalie Bernasconi

Balancing Development and Environmental Conservation and Protection of the Water Resource Base – The “Greening” of Water Laws

Stefano Burchi

Water management in the Middle East and North Africa - The effect of signed water treaties

Marit Brochmann

More drops for Hyderabad city, less crops for farmers: institutions, policies, and intersectoral water transfers in Andhra Pradesh, South-India

Mattia Celio

Fresh water in international law: trends and prospects

Laurence Boisson de Chazourne

The linkage between International Economic Law and Access to Water and Water Scarcity

Francesco Costamagna & Francesco Sindico

Legal Implications of Trade in Real and Virtual Water Resources

Alix Gowlland Gualtieri

Water Management in the Semi-Arid Margins of Gujarat : NGOs, User Groups and Water Rights

Ronald Jaubert & Yoann Fayolle

Water System and Water Chain in Dutch Water and Environmental Legislation

Pieter Jong

Water and Mountains, Upstream and Downstream Relationships: Analyzing Unequal Relations

Urs Luterbacher

Water Sector Reforms in Kenya : Gender Implications

Patricia Kameri-Mbote

Tirupur Water Supply and Sanitation Project : An Impediment to Sustainable Water Management?

Roopa Madhav

The Reform of Water Rights in South Africa

Gerrit Johannes Pienaar & Elmarie Van der Schyff

Going Beyond Regulation: Social Policies and Private Sector Participation in Water Supply

Naren Prasad

Water, a Global Good in Essence: Ecological, Social, Economic and Political

Philippe Roch


International Organizations and the Right to Water:  Realization, Resistance or Repackaging?

Anna F. S. Russell

The Implementation of the Right to Water in France

Henri Smets

Reform Initiatives in the Water Resources Sector in Maharashtra State in India

Suresh V Sodal

The Right to Water Resource in Cameroon : Legal Framework for Sustainable Utilization.

Christopher Tamasang

How do Water Markets Function in Droughts and other Hard Questions: Learning from Law Reform in Australia

Poh-Ling Tan

Creating Enabling Conditions for Sustained Reforms in Urban Water Sector: A Case for Legal Reforms in National Capital Region of Delhi

A. P. Tiwari

The Right to Water: A Human Right or a Bird's Right?

Jonathan Verschuuren

Respect, Protect, Fulfil: The Implementation of the Human Right to Water in South Africa

Inga T Winkler


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