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Land and Natural Resources

Land is central to most environmental protection and use issues. Since land is also the key natural resource providing livelihoods and the basis for a variety of industrial uses, it is unsurprisingly the key resource around which conflicts coalesce. Rights to land thus play a central role in environmental policy even if the two do not always seem to be directly related. In a context of diminishing availability of natural resources, access to land is increasingly controversial, as reflected in conflicts throughout the world.

Books and edited books


The Gallant Academic - Essays in Honour of HWO Okoth-Ogendo

Patricia Kameri-Mbote & Collins Odote (eds)
School of Law - University of Nairobi (2017).
date: 2017
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Ours by Right: Law, Politics and Realities of Community Property in Kenya

Patricia Kameri-Mbote, C. Odote, C. Musembi and M. Kamande
Nairobi: Strathmore University Press (2013).
date: 2013
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Land Use Law for Sustainable Development

N. Chalifour, P. Kameri-Mbote, L.H. Lye, J.R. Nolon (eds)
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
date: 2007
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Property Rights and Biodiversity Management in Kenya: The Case of Land Tenure and Wildlife

Patricia Kameri-Mbote
Nairobi: ACTS Press
date: 2002
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Selected Academic Publications on Land and Natural Resources

Country Report for Kenya
in Oliver C. Ruppel & Harald Ginzky (eds), African Soil Protection Law (Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2021), p. 177-294.

full text   2650 [KB]

Mapping out Options for Model Legislation for Sustainable Soil Management in Africa
in Oliver C. Ruppel & Harald Ginzky (eds), African Soil Protection Law (Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2021), p. 379-452.

full text   2419 [KB]

Wildlife Conservation and Community Property Rights in Kenya
in Patricia Kameri-Mbote et al (eds), Law | Environment | Africa (Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2019), p. 223-45.

full text   1870 [KB]

I Want It and I Want It Now: Women and Land in Africa
2 Perspectives 6-9 (2013).

full text   95 [KB]

Securing the Land and Resource Rights of Pastoral Peoples in East Africa
17/1 Nomadic Peoples 1-4 (2013).

full text   67 [KB]

Land Acquisition, Eminent Domain and the 2011 Bill
46/44-45 Economic and Political Weekly (2011), p. 10-14.

full text   1247 [KB]

On Eminent Domain and Sovereignty
613 Seminar (September 2010), p. 71.

full text   41 [KB]

Securing Property Rights in Land in Kenya: Formal Versus Informal
in Christopher Adam et. al. eds, Kenya Policies for Prosperity (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010), p. 309-328.

full text   1471 [KB]

A word on eminent domain
in Lyla Mehta ed., Displaced by Development - Confronting Marginalisation and Gender Injustice (New Delhi: Sage, 2009), p. 133.

full text   62 [KB]

Righting Wrongs: Confronting Land Dispossession in Post-colonial Contexts
East African Law Review (2009), p. 103-124.

full text   110 [KB]

The Land Question in Kenya: Legal and Ethical Dimensions
Strathmore University and Law Africa (2009).

full text   190 [KB]

The Public Trust Doctrine, Environmental Human Rights, and the Future of Private Property
16 New York University Environmental Law Journal 711 (2008).

full text   239 [KB]

Trouble in Eden: How and Why Unresolved Land Issues Landed 'Peace-full Kenya' in Trouble in 2008
35 Forum for Development Studies (2008), p. 167-93

full text   1682 [KB]

The Impact of International Treaties on Land and Resource Rights
in Munyaradzi Saruchera ed., Securing Land and Resource Rights: Pan-African Perspectives (Cape Town: Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies, 2004), p. 48

full text   432 [KB]

The Desertification Convention
UNESCO, Knowledge for Sustainable Development (Oxford: EOLSS Publishers, 2002)

full text   186 [KB]

Common Land and Common Property Resources
in Praveen K. Jha ed., Land Reforms in India - Volume 7 - Issues of Equity in Rural Madhya Pradesh (New Delhi: Sage, 2002), p. 204

full text   306 [KB]

Displacement and the Law
31 Economic & Political Weekly (1996), p. 1486.

full text   1702 [KB]

Working Papers on Land and Natural Resources

Kenya Land Governance Assessment Framework

full text    1358 [KB]

Site Inspection Report - Bauxite Mining in Kalahandi and Rayagada Districts (Orissa Mining Corporation)

full text    1638 [KB]

Land Tenure, Land Use and Sustainability in Kenya: Towards Innovative Use of Property Rights in Wildlife Management

full text    465 [KB]

Other Contributions on Land and Natural Resources


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