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Legal Instruments Related to Fisheries in India

Note: this list is in reverse chronological order

Note: The use of this page and the documents contained therein is free but acknowledgment of the source ( - International Environmental Law Research Centre) is compulsory.

Kerala Marine Fishing Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2021

full text   181 [KB]

Arunachal Pradesh Fisheries Act, 2006

full text   84 [KB]

Bihar Fish Jalkar Management Act, 2006

full text   320 [KB]

Gujarat Fisheries Act, 2003

full text   166 [KB]

Uttarakhand Fisheries Act, 2003

full text   357 [KB]

Mizoram Fisheries Act, 2002

full text   2131 [KB]

Karnataka Inland Fisheries (Conservation Development and Regulation) Act, 1996

full text   237 [KB]

Manipur Fisheries Act, 1988

full text   3593 [KB]

West Bengal Inland Fisheries Act, 1984

full text   291 [KB]

Nagaland Fisheries Act, 1980

full text   69 [KB]

Kerala Marine Fishing Regulation Act, 1980

full text   331 [KB]

Sikkim Fisheries Act, 1980

full text   168 [KB]

Himachal Pradesh Fisheries Department Act, 1976

full text   125 [KB]

Punjab Fisheries Ordinance, 1961

full text   113 [KB]

Chhattisgarh Fisheries Act, 1948

full text   81 [KB]

Indian Fisheries Act, 1897 (repealed)

full text   1923 [KB]