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Legal Instruments Related to Irrigation in India

Note: The use of this page and the documents contained therein is free but acknowledgment of the source ( – International Environmental Law Research Centre) is compulsory.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Farmers Management of Irrigation Systems (Amendment) Act, 2017

full text   1877 [KB]

Andhra Pradesh Farmers' Management of Irrigation Systems Act, 1997

full text   130 [KB]

The Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Utilisation and Command Area Development Act, 1984

full text   165 [KB]

Andhra Pradesh Irrigation (Construction and Maintenance of Water Courses) Act, 1965

full text   124 [KB]


Assam Irrigation Water Users Act, 2004

full text   10730 [KB]

Assam Irrigation Act, 1983

full text   5832 [KB]

The Assam Farmers (Group Irrigation) Act, 1978

full text   72 [KB]


Bihar Irrigation Water Management Rules, 2000 (in Hindi)

full text   262 [KB]

Bihar Irrigation Act, 1997

full text   179 [KB]


Chhattisgarh sinchai prabandhan me krishkon ki bhagidari adhiniyam, 2006

full text   138 [KB]


Goa, Daman and Diu Irrigation Rules, 1975

full text   282 [KB]

Goa, Daman and Diu Irrigation Act, 1973

full text   324 [KB]


Gujarat Irrigation and Drainage (Amendment) Act, 2019

full text   2421 [KB]

Gujarat Irrigation and Drainage Rules, 2014

full text   1157 [KB]

Gujarat Irrigation and Drainage Act, 2013

full text   2421 [KB]

Gujarat Water Users' Participatory Irrigation Management Act, 2007

full text   4501 [KB]

The Bombay Irrigation Act, 1879

full text   300 [KB]


Haryana Canal and Drainage Act, 1974

full text   1200 [KB]


Karnataka Irrigation Act, 1965

full text   431 [KB]

The Karnataka Irrigation (Levy of Betterment Contribution and Water Rate) Act, 1957

full text   151 [KB]


The Kerala Irrigation and Water Conservation Act, 2003

full text   194 [KB]

The Travancore Cochin Irrigation Act, 1956

full text   1331 [KB]

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh sinchai prabhandan me krishakon ki bhagidari adhiniyam, 1999

full text   53 [KB]

Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Rules, 1974

full text   30 [KB]

Madhya Pradesh Irrigation Act, 1931

full text   347 [KB]


Maharashtra Management of Irrigation Systems by the Farmers Act, 2005

full text   222 [KB]

The Maharashtra Irrigation Act, 1976

full text   3414 [KB]


The Orissa Pani Panchayat Act, 2002

full text   111 [KB]

The Orissa Irrigation Act, 1959

full text   9059 [KB]


The Punjab Irrigation and Drainage Authority Act, 1997

full text   83 [KB]

The Punjab State Tube well Act, 1954

full text   74 [KB]

Punjab Minor Canals Act, 1905

full text   117 [KB]


The Rajasthan Farmers Participation in Management of Irrigation Systems Act, 2000

full text   118 [KB]

The Rajasthan Irrigation and Drainage Act, 1954

full text   2544 [KB]

The Rajasthan Minor Irrigation Works Act, 1953

full text   3397 [KB]

The Rajasthan Lands Special Irrigation Charges Act, 1953

full text   340 [KB]


Sikkim Irrigation Water Tax Act, 2002

full text   1327 [KB]

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Farmers' Management of Irrigation Systems Rules, 2002

full text   308 [KB]

The Tamil Nadu Farmers Management of Irrigation Systems Act, 2000

full text   177 [KB]

Uttar Pradesh

The Uttar Pradesh Participatory Irrigation Management Act, 2009

full text   87 [KB]

Uttar Pradesh State Tube-Wells Act, 1936 [Hindi]

full text   899 [KB]

Uttar Pradesh Minor Irrigation Works Act, 1920 [Hindi]

full text   3405 [KB]

West Bengal

West Bengal Irrigation (Imposition of Water Rate) Act, 1974

full text   184 [KB]

Bengal Irrigation Act, 1876

full text   886 [KB]

Bengal Canals Act, 1864

full text   207 [KB]